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!!!★★★This is not a reading, only a reply via email or msg within 24H.


★★★Lately answering many follow up questions, often not directly connected to their previous reading or asking for advice, which is not a part of any reading, made me realize that for me it takes too much energy and time. I am happy to help and support my customers but without an abuse.★★★


★YOU DON'T NEED THIS LISTING and you can simply send me a msg if: you only want a a clarification of something in your reading that was not clear to you for whatever reason. Additionally if you want to consult what reading would be the best for your situation, I will also help you with that.


★★★With each reading I give - I provide maximum info I see in terms of that reading, do not ask questions related to it, because I honestly said all I see already. If I did not mention something - I don't see it.

★YOU NEED TO PURCHASE THIS IF: you still wanna talk about your reading despite I said already what I see, you can get this, though I don't advice it as it will probably be a waste of money for you, because I said already what I see. If you have other questions it is the best to purchase a new reading. Because THIS IS NOT A READING, only a reply.

★This listing is the most suitable in case of additional consult or advice on your situation not in a very detail. But going through your situation with you will require to book skype for coaching. 

FOLLOW UP Questions on your previous purchase

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