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IMPORTANT!!!! Unfortunately life is getting more expensive everywhere and I am forced to announce that from 1 March 2024 I will be increasing all prices by 10%!!! So if you want to get readings by a lower price, now and until 29 Feb 2024 you have this opportunity.

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

WELCOME TO MY WEBSITE! I am a professional Lenormand card reader 15+ years. I mostly offer Lenormand card readings on a huge variety of topics except for a few ones, mentioned on every listing below. I specialize on karmic and supernatural readings, though I am good with all of my offered readings. Most of my readings are offline and offered in the SHOP. Live Skype sessions are going separately. I offer a few pendulum readings, energy cleanings, spiritual courses and coaching, Lenormand card offline courses. I work with a free will and everything is a choice and possibility. I see multivariate future and multiple paths and their availability. 

I AM A VERY STRAIGHT FORWARD READER, I do not water down and sugar coat anything, I do not get emotionally attached, I do not judge ever, I only say facts what the cards show. If you are not prepared to hear the truth good or bad, please do not purchase from me. Sometimes what I see is easily visible on a surface and some things are running everything from the background and you might never see that but it is a force that drives anyway. I do not allow any drama, I respect you - you respect me.

If you in advance are worried about this reading or you do not trust me with your name and a pic - please do not purchase! CONFIDENTIALITY IS one of my core values, if that is not enough, I won't be convincing you! And I WON'T GO AFTER YOU requesting any info that was already mentioned in the description, I do not do a customer service here, I wanna provide you a quality reading with respect, but you must respect me too and provide yourself all required, if not - no readings.

People, if you do not understand that a lot depends on a free will, please do not purchase from me!

IF YOU PURCHASED anything (except skype sessions) you must send me all required within 3H or your order will be cancelled.
I WILL NOT EXPLAIN THE CARD MEANING!!!! This is not a school, I am here to give you the answers to your questions but not to teach you cards, with all respect!
I can not guarantee you will get Yes or No to your question, often this is Maybe or depends on, you have to be prepared that not everything is fated. But everything is based on a current energy flow and can easily change in the future!  Custom readings are also possible. If something is unclear please do not hesitate to ask but there will be no additional free readings.
People are seriously twisting all about a time frame predictions, if you don't get that you can change some events yourself  or other people and circumstances could come in (nothing is set in stone) DO NOT PURCHASE.
Overall I do not give medical advise, legal advice, no pregnancy and fertility readings, no lottery and crypto readings, no cause of death readings. Everything else is discussable. 

My Processing Time: You can find small readings with a 24H delivery possibility as well as you can get RUSH MY ORDER for bigger readings to give them a priority.


LANGUAGES: SKYPE sessions and AUDIO readings can be done in English, Lithuanian and Russian. PDF written readings are only in English, no exceptions!


ALL questions, readings, pictures, info should be send to and will be sent from: OR via CHAT


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