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What My Customers Say

As a professional reader I am more oriented into providing truthful info and helping my customers as much as I can. However the review system lets me down as I am overly sensitive and these things drain my energy especially when people abuse my work and just don't like what they hear or don't want to admit things. I have been making reading per emails and on Etsy for a while now; though, overall I work with Lenormand cards over 15 years. Here I posted only a few reviews from my very dear regular customers. As everyone's privacy is one of my core values, I do not use last names or add photos. These testimonials are very real, the names are also real and they are posted with a permission of each person. If you like to see previous reviews please go to my Etsy store, there are more than 240 reviews, for that just click the ETSY BUTTON on the right. Keep in mind that since Prices on Etsy are at least by 12% higher + taxes that you pay. On my website my prices are lower and a choice is much bigger. Due to the policy changes Etsy removed multiple listings I had, including my best sellers. Also I have so new readings that I add only here. So Etsy is no longer a platform where I sell a lot, you can only see my reviews left that could disappear if people delete their accounts! Since all reviews on Etsy are public I have made a few screen shots and pasted them below the testimonials. If you want all of the reviews go to Etsy. MY ETSY was hacked on 30 Nov 2023, ever since Etsy support ignored my msg. After almost 7 months Etsy shop is reopened but I won't keep it forever.

Also ALL TESTIMONIALS + REVIEWS are very subjective, each person has their own experience and what suits one is not going to suit someone else; therefore, I do not advise to order based on reviews, go with your gut feeling and if you have doubts better not to purchase to avoid disappointments. It is a very unique personal experience and if you decide to try, I am here to support you.


I wanted to share my experience with Moon, I always keep coming back and always will. I am very pleased with the energy cleanings and the results are good especially because I like to add extra for the back pain I have cause by my scoliosis and after the cleanings my pain goes away for weeks. I love that she is a very straightforward person and won’t sugar coat anything. I am very grateful for her help with my depression and having those Skype sessions which guided me into digging deeper in myself and learning more about it. Also I am happy with the Skype sessions because she helped my husband and I with our marriage. My family and friends really appreciate getting energy cleanings and when she gives us information about them every thing is on point.. I have gotten different readings with her and I really enjoyed them because she takes the time to explain them and not just write 2 sentences or say short words. She is very detailed. She is my favorite.


I started my journey with Moon when I was in an extremely difficult situation with my studies. Indeed, it was a gale where I wanted to get a specific master degree. Throughout the year, Moon's predictions always occurred exactly like she predicted it.

But, what was the most striking thing is the accuracy of her reading regarding my family problems and my past. It has always been on point. To be more specific, she saw in the past that there was another child beside me. There was indeed a child who died due to a miscarriage. She also saw that my mom had to go on a long journey before. And again, it was spot on as my mom had to immigrate. All of those stories are secrets that I never told even to my closest friends.

One of the other things that really surprised me was how her energy cleaning was also very accurate as all her information was correct. My mom who benefited from it felt way better after the energy cleaning.

Somehow, when Moon does a reading, I feel like as if she is a magician. Everything is so crazily true that it is difficult to think that a normal person can do it. Personally, my journey with Moon helped me to be prepared when times were hard as I was prepared in advance to the storm I had to face. It also provided me a lot of information about my surrounding environment, things that I couldn't really understand, which became clearer after the readings.

More than the reading I want also to pinpoint the human qualities of Moon who always wanted to help me and who spent a lot of her time to answer all the questions I had. She doesn't sugarcoat her readings. Her readings are truly the best and the most honest replies I had.


I have been going to Moon for more than 2 years on end, time after time after getting readings from her I would always come back to our reads, and be completely left in shock of the accuracy of things she came to mention in a very creepy manner!!! Sometimes even word by word. This lady is close to my heart and will always be, she never held back from telling me the truth and i never held back from consulting her in my critical situations and life matters. I am happy to be her regular client and will continue to be!


Moon comes from the realm of unknown to us, but known to her. She is simply so talented and so skillful that I don't doubt a single thing she says. I take her for granted.

Moon's straightforwardness is monumental and her accuracy is epic. She takes her readings extremely seriously and you can rest assured that every single reading she makes is made with utmost attention and responsibility. Moon's customer service is impeccable, swift and fair. Her abilities to pinpoint time frames is unseen, simply magical. The talent, skills, knowledge and unique abilities that Moon possesses are supreme, superb and she in untouchable in throne of esoteric.


Moon is an incredible resource who possesses a special gift - she also truly cares and is deeply committed to her client’s growth and development! I started working with Moon a handful of months ago related to karma issues in my career. It has been an incredibly eye opening and helpful experience. Her readings give direct and honest insights that truly help you dig deep to look at issues and patterns that may be keeping you from stepping into your full potential and happiness. Her readings have always been spot on - and she provides guidance to help you move forward. I can’t recommend her enough - Moon is the real thing.


Moon is absolutely amazing at what she does! Her readings are very accurate with what is going on in my life, and I always appreciate her honesty! It’s really helped me navigate some of the tough decisions in my life, and she truly cares about helping as best as she can. The audio readings are great because she explains things in great detail and I understand things better when hearing it. She really listens to what areas in my life I’m trying to work on, and makes suggestions, without ever being pushy. I’m so glad I found her website, because now I couldn’t imagine going to anyone else. I’ve been telling everyone close to me about her, and would definitely recommend her to anyone who is thinking about it!

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