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Store Policy

Readings can be ordered only through this website. I used to have an Etsy shop but 30 Nov 2023 my shop was hacked and Etsy blocked me and ignored my multiple requests to unlock my shop. Etsy shop is closed permanently. You can visit it just to see old reviews. Please do not send me info or requests via any social media ever!!!


If you refuse to provide all required, I will never read for you again. Also I will not provide any refunds so please order carefully and read all descriptions well. 

Make sure you ask one specific question according to the listing description, the way it is mentioned there. There cannot be 2 questions in 1.

I am obligated to say that all readings are for entertainment purposes only. But either way only you can decide what you will do and no one else. No one else is responsible for your actions.


No cause of death questions (yet I review question of death in terms of ''when''), lottery, crypto, investments (and related to that) questions. No legal advice (thought I review how a legal process could possibly go), no medical treatment advice (no advice but I analyze health issues and see how they will develop), no pregnancy and fertility readings (here are no exceptions). I DON'T READ FOR PREGNANT!!!

I WILL NOT EXPLAIN A CARD MEANING!!!! The card explanation is only possible for my Lenormand course, not for any readings. Each reader has his own unique way of interpreting their cards so if your intention is to disagree DON'T PURCHASE! I receive a lot of info through my intuition and psychic ability that I use together with my cards. I also often draw extra cards that normally is not a part of any ordered reading just to check and double check, so when I say something I see exactly that. All I see and sense is in your reading. But do not purchase from me if you intend to dispute my interpretation. 


I can not guarantee you will get Yes or No to your question, often this is Maybe or depends on, you have to be prepared that not everything is fated. But everything is based on a current energy flow and can easily change in the future! A lot depend on your free will as well as on other people's free will.


I work on supernatural readings and can determine any negative spell work or curses on a person. BUT.... I DO NOT REMOVE SPELLS, MAGIC WORK, CURSES ETC...

A STANDARD waiting time (which will vary from reading to reading but normally between 3-6 days) applies to all readings unless you chose a 24H delivery option (for smaller readings only) or RUSH MY ORDER. Rush my order - is for bigger readings, I cannot promise 24H for that, so you could contact me first to see whether the timing will suit you. But I promise a priority and to make it asap which could be between 1-3 days depending on a reading and my situation.

Most of the readings have AUDIO options (cheaper and faster) or PDF (written file, slower, costly).

LANGUAGES: SKYPE sessions and AUDIO readings can be done in English, Lithuanian and Russian. PDF written readings are only in English, no exceptions!

All readings include the objective info that cards give me GOOD and BAD, I will not tell you what you want to hear but only what I see. If you are not prepared for that or you are in a fragile emotional state, do not purchase. If you plan on bombing me with msg after disagreeing with what I see or arguing - DON'T PURCHASE!

If you came to test me, this is a very bad idea, I will never read for you in the future and stupid/fake questions get stupid/fake answers so don't waste my energy and time.

Time questions are the most difficult because often things shift. It takes a lot of energy for me to see maximum close yet it is rare to have a fixed point in life. Therefore, less reliable but faster time questions with pendulum, I don't get to see any events around it. And an expensive version with cards show me events and possibilities , yet it is too fragile and can always change - if you want a 100% answer DON'T PURCHASE from me ever because there is nothing 100%. I also check death possibilities when asked, but even death is not a fixed point in time and also can shift. 

Your waiting time starts only after 1) you provide all required (from that moment if it is ok) after which I will confirm that I have everything I need, which could take some times up to 24H max due to busy life OR 2) if you sent me your details and I replied that I need you to confirm something, add or provide, then the waiting time starts only after you reply to me with requested info. If you do not reply my email with confirmation or info I requested within 24H, your reading will be cancelled because I won't keep you in the queue.

I accept only ''ready to work'' orders. If you purchased a reading from me and have not provided all required upon your purchase, you have maximum 3H after your purchase to send it. If not your reading will be cancelled. 

You have follow up questions or you need advice. This is meant only for a clarification of something in your reading that was not clear to you for whatever reason. Additionally if you want to consult what reading would be the best for your situation, I will also help you with that. But each reading I give - provides maximum info I see in terms of that reading, do not ask questions related to it, because I honestly said all I see already. If I did not mention something - I don't see it. And if you still wanna talk about that, you will either need to get a new reading or a ''follow up'' listing. The same applies to additional consult or advice on your situation, please purchase a follow up listing found in the shop.

I do not provide refunds. I work honestly and put all myself into my work, invest a lot of time, energy and efforts and if for whatever reason you don't like it, please just do not purchase from me ever again


On a personal level I don't have any age restrictions; however, I work with the whole word in terms of clientele and it is up to you to follow your country's law. I don't work with DOB, and I don't ask your age. But if you know that your country where you live has age restrictions, such as allowing you to purchase readings only from age18, then it is your obligation to follow those laws. 

If your order got cancelled due to your fault - such as not reading a description and purchasing a wrong reading due to that or not sending to me all required for your reading within 3H from purchase – normally I drop customers like that. And that is because I have to pay cancellation fees + currency conversion fees from my own pocket. Currently I decided to add a new rule – if your order got cancelled due to your fault and you still want to repurchase or order a new thing, now you can do it, but I will manually add to your order an extra 2.5 euro for those cancellations. So this is up to you whether you want to move forward with that.


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