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If answers below do not clarify your question, you can always send me a msg to my email

Can you make a reading without a photo?

No, this is my way of connecting to the energy, there is social media that can help you fetch a photo. With me all your personal details are always safe! The only time when I'd read without a pic that is when I saw someone in a previous reading and then I can connect to that, no other exceptions.

Are you available for a reading right now?

NO!!!! I do not offer any immediate readings. I have a very busy life with a full time job and I am here on my spare time. On every listing  you will find an approx. waiting time. Smaller reading have 24H more expensive option. Bigger readings can be done faster only with RUSH MY ORDER but for that you need to contact me before the purchase to see when I actually would be able to complete it fast!

Are your readings very accurate?

Nothing is set in stone which means no matter how accurate my reading is, it could always potentially change. And what is super important the your own free will and decision making can change everything.  If you have doubts just DON'T PURCHASE. 

Can you tell me what I should do?

I can only give you a piece of advice or point to the right direction but the final decision is always yours and only you are responsible for your decisions and life.

Can I get a refund?

No, I do not do refunds, especially when my work is done. I invest a lot of time and energy into readings and I will not let people abuse it, so please read carefully before the purchase. 

What if I don't know their DOB (date of birth)?

Please read each description - ALL I NEED IS MENTIONED in there. I don't ever work with DOB's, so I don't need them, it is useless to me. 

Can I buy a reading and use it off later like in a week or so?

No, I only accept orders that are ready to be worked on and you have to provide all required within maximum 3H, otherwise I cancel your order.

Will you contact me for details after my purchase?

READ ALL DESCRIPTIONS VERY CAREFULLY!!!! They state all the info, I do not go after customers, it is up to you to place your order and to send all required asap via the msg or email (mentioned in each description). All waiting times start NOT after you placed your order but after you sent all required. IF YOU DO NOT SEND ME ALL REQUIRED: for bigger readings I might still contact you, for smaller readings I will simply cancel your orders after 3 hours from your purchase and will not make any readings for you at all. Please respect me and my time and I will pay back with the same to you! But if you sent me everything I will absolutely reply at my first possibility with acknowledgement and confirmation on your order and waiting time.

Can my reading be in French?

On the front HOME page all these matters were already described. I don't speak French. ALL READINGS PDF or AUDIO by default are in ENGLISH! I can give a reply in Dutch but the reading will be still in English. Exception only for AUDIO (but not PDF) can be done in Russian or Lithuanian. I have many French speaking customers and all of them are getting readings from me in English. 

Can you describe my future lover and how we will meet?

NO! There are 2 aspects:

1) Read very carefully each description because it will tell you exactly what you will get out of a reading. I do not see psychical descriptions of people, places, etc, age, nationality, country, language, profession and some other things, so read descriptions - if will never be mentioned anywhere because I don't see this type of info.

2) My other point is that I do not offer any readings where you get to ask more than 1 question in 1 reading, unless you purchased multiple readings. If the reading requires a question there will be a clear instruction in a description of what kind of question you can ask. Some readings do not need any question at all if it shows multiple life areas in 1 reading - it will be also mentioned in a description

When my reading will be ready?

- I work in 2 modes: STANDARD and URGENT. Each reading and description has the exact number of days mentioned that you will need to wait.

- Standard waiting time differs depending on a reading size and delivery method.

- Urgent for small reading is added as an option to the listing and states it will be done within  24H.

- Bigger readings do not have a 24H option; however, they still can be done faster but with an additional listing RUSH MY ORDER. Rush my order - works per 1 listing and not the per whole order. Rush my order  delivery time will differ depending on the size of the reading and my availability, I can only guarantee it will be prioritized. You can always contact and ask me the estimate time. But typically should be done between 24 H and maximum 48 H if it is really busy and big.

- All waiting times Standard and Urgent start from the moment when you placed your order only if you provided all required upon your purchase. Otherwise, I will put you into my waiting list only after you provide all required for your reading. So you can avoid delays by preparing.

- If you provide all required details upon your request - your waiting time starts, your order will have a time and date stamp on it that I use to  count your waiting time. I count each day as 24H. So if your waiting time is 3-4 days (for example) take the time and date when your order was placed and confirmed and add the maximum 4 days x 24H,  equals 96H maximum. So please do not panic before the time is up. 


- A photo needs to have a clear face with eyes visible, no sun glasses. A person can wear normal glasses of I still can see their eyes.

- Preferably there should be no burred photos; However, if your reading is really small, a super short mini reading, I can work with a bit blurred photo if I can see their eyes and you cannot get something better. But for any medium and big size readings, especially serious readings - only clear photos are allowed. 

- IF you do not have the most recent photo it is ok to give me an older one; however, it also needs to be from a similar age (for example a person is an adult and a photo is from childhood or teenage age).

- If your reading concerns only you - then only you should be on the photo. If a reading concerns you and someone else you can provide 2 separate photos or 1 photo where two of you are together - doesn't matter. If a person or you are with many people on the photo I will need to cut that off, which is not a problem as long as a face of a needed person is clear. 

Can you cancel my order?:

I can cancel your order ONLY if you just placed it and you either didn't send the details yet or I did not reply yet. Only in this case. Because once all is settled and confirmed there is a big chance I started working on it even if it is a STANDARD waiting time. I normally work with none urgent readings multiple times and by stages before it is ready. So if I already started working on it, there is no way I would cancel it. 

In 15 years happened only once - but if for some reason I cannot connect to your energy you will also get a cancellation.

However by a new rule, if your order got cancelled due to your fault, if next time you want to purchase something I will manually add an extra 2.5 euro fee to your order after you placed it. That is because each cancellation cost me cancellation fees + currency conversions from my own pocket. So this is up to you.

I have follow up questions or I need advice:

This is meant only for a clarification of something in your reading that was not clear to you for whatever reason. Additionally if you want to consult what reading would be the best for your situation, I will also help you with that. But each reading I give - provides maximum info I see in terms of that reading, do not ask questions related to it, because I honestly said all I see already. If I did not mention something - I don't see it. And if you still wanna talk about that, you will either need to get a new reading or a ''follow up'' listing. The same applies to additional consult or advice on your situation, please purchase a follow up listing found in the shop.

I am unhappy with my reading:

I am very sorry to hear that. I work with honesty and put all my efforts, time and energy into your reading. If you don't like it, you disagree with it or simply it is not what you expected or wanted to hear - I am sorry you are disappointed. But I am a straight forward reader, I just say what I see and some things are running underneath and you may not even see them. Either way I do not provide refunds, all I can say if you are unhappy with it, I am sorry, please  simply find some other reader and do not purchase from me. 

I read testimonials and saw your reviews but I still have doubts about whether I should purchase:

Having doubts is normal. Frankly as much as reviews are important for customers, in my option they are very subjective and normally do not fully reflect the reality. Each situation, customer and reading is different and all experiences are unique each time, so it is impossible to predict how one will take their reading. I am not here to proof anything to anyone but to help as much as I can to the ones that want my help and guidance. Therefore, I am here to read for the ones that know they want it. If you have any doubts it is the best for both of us if you do not purchase from me, I am sure you can find many wonderful readers else where.

Why do you need my backstory:

Once again - if you do not trust me or you intend to accuse me of telling you in my prediction pieces of your back story - DON'T PURCHASE FROM ME!!! Lenormand cards (the system I work with) is a super intuitive system with only 36 cards without reverse positions. 1 card has MANY meanings depending on a life area and a personal story. Knowing your backstory helps me to see what is behind it and if cards confirm the same story you are telling me. Secondly because of multiple meanings for 1 card, I can make it much more accurate only applying it to your specific situation and the backstory is that key to make it super personal and more accurate.

From my reading I want one super clear, super accurate 100% answer:

First of all, there is nothing 100%. Secondly, I work with multivariate future, meaning that I see multiple paths (if available) and the most probable outcome of your reading is the outcome of a path you are standing on right now. I work with a free will and this means that your own decision making and free will as well as other people's free will and decision making, incoming circumstances, energies, people etc potentially can shift, delay, change, cancel the outcome we are seeing for you right now. If you came to have one super clear and super accurate answer, it doesn't work like that with me. I will tell you the most probable outcome but also if it is pretty much 50/50 I will say that too and there will be never 100% guarantee on anything. Things change all the time and instead of passively waiting for something that could go in a different way, you could take this matter into your hands and do your best to get the desired outcome instead. It is not that often that things are actually pre fated. And even if they are, there are multiple ways of how you could get to the same destination. 

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