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This Shop has nothing to do with Moon Universe. As a person I run many activities and have in total 2 websites for my main passions: music, art, photography and card readings. I must combine my activities on my websites and fit within 2. Lately I removed a commercial shop option from my other website, so my photography and art shop is going to be moved here. I hope to add most of it within 1-4 months. However, there is a storage limit so I won't be able to upload everything to the shop so if you have seen any art or photo on my social media or other shops, you can send me a msg I will add it to the shop asap. My music and originals of my art will fully remain on

Visit my ART Instagram @nastia_artwork


and my Photography Instagram


Buy clothes, prints, accessories, gifts etc with my art and photos on it printed directly from my Redbubble shop! If you want an art or photo that is not uploaded send me a msg!

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