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★a STANDARD waiting time is 3-6 days from the moment you provide all required.
★a faster reading is only possible with RUSH MY ORDER.


✸✸✸Send me via MSG or to my email:

✸Attach your clear picture, no filters (or/and a picture of a person you are asking about)

✸Provide your first name (no nick names) (or/and a name of a person you are asking about)

✸Tell me 1 life area/situation you chose - Add a minimum story, such as status of your situation. KEEP IN MIND that if you are asking about LOVE, if you are married or have a lover it needs to be looked at as separate areas. As any other situation like 2 jobs etc must be looked at as separate things.

✸Add this reading's start day - you pick a date from which the reading will begin. If you say now is the start day it is always the next day after the maximum waiting time. So if you have to wait 3-4 days, it is always the 5th day that can be the soonest to choose.




★Before I begin tuning in with your energy via your pic, I light up a bee wax candle and do a 15-20 mins meditation.

★★★MINI 1 Year 1 Life Area/Specific Situation - Love/Career/Finances/Etc Card Reading (Breakdowns To Quarters Or To Each Month)

PLEASE CHOOSE a LIFE AREA BETWEEN: LOVE, FAMILY, FRIENDS, CAREER, MONEY, HEALTH OR ANY OTHER - Also you can choose your specific situation ex. How my studies will go, or how my relationship with X will go etc - tell it in your msg. This spread is not designed to answer any specific questions, it is designed to provide an info about a specific life area or a specific situation.



PER QUARTER: 3 cards for each quarter (12 cards in total) - (quarter is 3 months), it doesn't mean 1 card per month, it means 3 the most important events in the sequence that will happen within that quarter not necessary not tight to a month. 1-2 sentences each card.


★PER MONTH: 2 cards for each upcoming month (24 cards in total for a year), if your chosen life area is not too active, I do not recommend this one, better choose a reading per quarter, because there might b not enough info to display and cards will show neutral moments or emptiness meaning no events. This one is really suitable if you life area is really active like Job - you do it every day; therefore, it implies more activity. 1-2 sentences each card.


★I will include PDF with your reading and a picture of the cards I drew for you.
★Audio file, I will send you a pic of your cards too. But reading will be audio.


✴✴✴I have a full time job so I make the spreads on my free time. Waiting time will vary and I will inform each requester. But expectation is that I will make a spread within 3-6 business days. ✴✴✴

If you have any problems please contact me directly.

* This is for entertainment purposes only. Please no death questions, lottery or questions about the medical treatments and pregnancies. I DO NOT READ FOR PREGNANT WOMEN!!!!*

MINI 1 Year 1 Life Area/Specific Situation Card Read(Breakdown To Quarte Or Mon)

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