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★A STANDARD WAITING TIME is 4-6 days from the moment you'll provide ALL REQUIRED!!!!

★A faster delivery is possible with a listing RUSH MY ORDER.


LGBTQ+ are very welcome!

✸✸✸Send me via MSG or to my email:

✸Attach your clear picture, no filters, and a picture of a person you are asking about

✸Provide your first name (no nick names) and a name of a person you are asking about

✸Tell me a time frame for your reading between 3-24 months.

✸Pick a date when your reading should begin, then all present time positions will be displaying that date. It cannot be more than 3 months forward. Keep in mind that if you choose future it will not show what will be happening between now and that start date. 

When I say now is the start day it is always the next day after the maximum waiting time. So if you have to wait 3-4 days, it is always the 5th day that can be the soonest to choose.

✸Add a minimum story of your current situation and a status of your situation - ex. friends/love/single/married etc. - keep in mind that for the reading you do not ask any specific questions, but you will get info per positions below. You wanna know what is awaiting for both of you in the future.

✸If this is a gay relationship - please mention whether you'd like to be represented by a card of a Man or a Woman.




★Before I begin tuning in with your energy via your pic, I light up a bee wax candle and do a 15-20 mins meditation.

★★★BIG LOVE Relationship Card Reading - between 3 - 24 Months

HUGE LOVE reading.

This reading is not general, it is for a precise person!!!! You do not ask any specific question for this as this is a detailed overview of your relationship of a chosen time frame. Shows perspective for both people! IMPORTANT: If you currently do not  keep in touch with them, and the future also doesn't offer any contact, as for the future outcomes it will only show a very general info and separate activities that might not be refered to each other.


LGBT are very welcome, please mention that in your msg as I need to choose correct representation cards. No readings for pregnant women!!!


★I will include PDF with your reading and a picture of the cards I drew for you.


★Audio file, I will send you a pic of your cards too. But reading will be audio. Audio is at least 40min, up to 1H



1st Position: shows what is in your mind or what do you think about this relationship/person.NAME 1:NAME 2:


2nd position: shows which kind of qualities you both demonstrate openlyNAME 1:NAME 2:


3rd position: shows the actual feelings.NAME 1:NAME 2:


4th and last position: hidden motives, emotions, actions.NAME 1:  NAME 2:


5th and last position: intimate site, sexual life.NAME 1:NAME 2:


6th and last position: shows what/who disturbs or works against this relationship.NAME 1:NAME 2:


7th and last position: shows what/who helps or what is holding this relationship.NAME 1:NAME 2:


8th and last position: shows present and the coming one week.NAME 1:NAME 2:


9th and last position: close future 1-2 months (depends on the chosen period)NAME 1:NAME 2:


10th and last position: shows the actual feelings after 2 months.NAME 1:



14th and last position: shows what will happen within (half time of chosen time).NAME 1:NAME 2:


15th and last position: shows the outcome after the chosen time comes to an end.NAME 1:NAME 2:


11+12+13th positions: show additional information – being checked up only if there are negative events.NAME 1:NAME 2:





✴✴✴I have a full time job so I make the spreads on my free time. Waiting time will vary and I will inform each requester. But expectation is that I will make a spread within 4-6 days. ✴✴✴

If you have any problems please contact me directly.

* This is for entertainment purposes only. Please no death questions, lottery or questions about the medical treatments and pregnancies. I DO NOT READ FOR PREGNANT WOMEN!!!!*

BIG LOVE Relationship Card Reading - between 3 - 24 Months

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