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★a STANDARD waiting time is 3-6 days from the moment you provide all required.

-PDF is always longer

-as more cards as longer your wait is.

*3-6-9 cards both PDF and AUDIO are 3-4 days of waiting.

*12-15 cards both PDF and AUDIO are 3-5 days of waiting.

*20-24-36 cards both PDF and AUDIO are 5-6 days of waiting.

★added a faster reading option for 3-6-9-12 cards. 24H delivery from the moment you provide all required.
★a faster reading option from 15-24-36 cards is only possible with RUSH MY ORDER.


✸✸✸Send me via MSG or to my email:
✸Attach your clear picture, no filters (or/and a picture of a person you are asking about)
✸Provide your first name (no nick names) (or/and a name of a person you are asking about)
✸Tell me a life area/situation (or choose multiple life areas) you chose - Add a minimum story and a status of your situation. KEEP IN MIND that if you are asking about LOVE, if you are married or have a lover it needs to be looked at as separate areas. Either way add your status.
✸Tell me a time frame for your reading.(or multiple)
✸Add this reading's start day - you pick a date from which the reading will begin. (or multiple)
✸Do not forget to add for every life area to mention the ''step'' like 1 card per month, per 2 weeks, or just a specific nr of events within a certain amount of time. It is a more expensive version because you get to choose every detail for every card, altered by every little thing you want.



★Before I begin tuning in with your energy via your pic, I light up a bee wax candle and do a 15-20 mins meditation.

★★★Custom Card  Reading Per Life Area Per Card - Career/Love/Health/Finances -

This is the EXPENSIVE version (cheaper versions per life areas available, but you dont get to choose more than offered in a reading) of a reading per life areas created for you to choose the amount of cards and how do you want to spend them: you can choose multiple life areas, different nr of cards per life area, different time frames per life area and a start day can differ for multiple life areas. YOU CHOOSE YOURSELF ALL OPTIONS! I will draw cards for a life area of your choice (or several areas) - career, love, health, money, unexpected etc . The longer your time frame is, the less detail you will get.Also Please add your status for chosen life areas, then the interpretation will be much more accurate, as one card has so many meanings. I added an option of 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 20, 24, 36 card reading. You cannot ask for longer time than 6 months with usage just of a few cards. I advise for a longer time period such as starting from 3 months and more, to chose from 9 cards to get as more info as possible to avoid too general information. ★★★

★I will include PDF with your reading and a picture of the cards I drew for you.
★Audio file, I will send you a pic of your cards too. But reading will be audio.

✴✴✴I have a full time job so I make the spreads on my free time. Waiting time will vary and I will inform each requester. But expectation is that I will make a spread within 3-6 business days. ✴✴✴

If you have any problems please contact me directly.

* This is for entertainment purposes only. Please no death questions, lottery or questions about the medical treatments and pregnancies. I DO NOT READ FOR PREGNANT WOMEN!!!!*

Custom Card Reading Per Life Areas per Card- Career/Love/Health/Finances

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