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RITUAL IS DONE BY YOU!!!! You will receive instructions of the ritual!!!

I have been practicing for a very long time and it is really helpful in many cases.


★★★This is a powerful ritual that needs to be done specifically on a Full Moon. It can be performed many times as many times as you need. But if it was performed really focused and as described below, this can serve you for a long time without repeating it. Or you can repeat it if it was not enough. Full Moon is a great time when you wanna get rid of all old and unnecessary, any pain or past experiences and so on. It is not magic so please do not expect an immediate result. This will at first be worse before it will get better. This is good when you are not fully healed or the scaring is wrong – you never fully processed certain things. At first you will feel more upset as you will be processing things fully and from the beginning and accepting them the way they are and only after you’ll process it via pain and negative moods, this is when the right healing will start and this is when the negative side of it can leave! We always will feel a pain if it was very strong, we will never forget things that happened to us, but if we forgive (doesn’t mean we forget) and if we process and let go, we will be free of that and it will stop eating us alive. This is not a focus pocus thing, it will not happen on its own, you will be involved, you will need to invest the efforts, time and you will need patience and be prepared for that as each person and the damage is different, takes different time. So roll up your sleeves and let’s go!

This is a DIGITAL purchase so you will get a download link after the purchase, I won't be contacting you.

If you have any problems please contact me directly.

* This is for entertainment purposes only. Please no death questions, lottery or questions about the medical treatments and pregnancies. I DO NOT READ FOR PREGNANT WOMEN!!!!*

FULL MOON RITUAL Instructions – to let go of past and pain

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