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★A STANDARD WAITING TIME is 3-4 days from the moment you provide all required.
★24H option is 24H from the moment you provide all required.


✸✸✸Send me via MSG or to my email:

✸Attach your clear picture, no filters - eyes visible, or a picture of a person you are asking about

✸Provide your first name (no nick names) or a name of a person you are asking about

✸This reading is semi custom, it means that I cannot change all positions but I can replaces from 1 up to 3 organs of your choice. If you wish, tell me which 1-3 organs you want t replace to which. If you want to keep the original organs please let me know.

✸If you have any specific issues or conditions, would be good to know a minimal story about it.




★Before I begin tuning in with your energy via your pic, I light up a bee wax candle and do a 15-20 mins meditation.


★★★Health 10 Card Reading, Condition of Different Organs ✸DISCLAMER: I am neither doctor, nor medical person!!! I don't give medical advice or diagnoses!!! This reading is good if you just want to know your current organ condition or if you have health problems but doctors do not seem to be able to find anything. Of course even then there is no guarantee that they would find it like in my case I have a severe health karma. I was very sick for 5 years and I have done every test that my doctor could come up with but we couldn't find anything. I made this reading it showed a sever issue with my lymph nodes. But my doctor was checking them and did not feel anything, so after this read I asked to make an x-ray of the lymph nodes between my lungs. She did it, but it showed nothing, but this was actually the right direction, the xray just in rare cases like mine (I know it is due to karma) doesnt show anything, but the place was right. After nearly on year from that moment I was finally sent to the right specialist who checked the same place but with pet scan and this is when my autoimmune condition was finally discovered. So this is not some focus pocus medical advice or diagnoses, not at all! But this can point to the direction of search, this can show early signs of something more serious in the future. What I mean it may show an issue and after checking if it shows nothing, better to know this was truly a small issue that wasnt even discovered rather than in a few years to find out that you have something untreatable.

✸Several positions have combined organs that are close to each other. But there is only 1 card for both organs. I cannot see what is wrong I just can see if there are concerns or a disease card. The reading by default is by positions below. I cannot change it fully, but by request I can replace from 1 to maximum 3 organs of your choice.

✸This is a short reading with 1-2 sentences per position.


★I will include PDF with your reading and a picture of the cards I drew for you.


★Audio file, I will send you a pic of your cards too. But reading will be audio.



1st position – liver, gallbladder

2nd position – lungs, breathing system

3rd position – gastrointestinal tract, stomach

4th position – kidneys, urine bladder

5th position – endocrine system

6th position – nerve system

7th position - gynecology (women), urology (men)

8th position – head, brain, eyes

9th position – spine, bones

10th position – lymphatic system




✴✴✴I have a full time job so I make the spreads on my free time. Waiting time will vary and I will inform each requester. But expectation is that I will make a spread within 3-4 days. ✴✴✴


If you have any problems please contact me directly.


* This is for entertainment purposes only. Please no death questions, lottery or questions about the medical treatments and pregnancies. I DO NOT READ FOR PREGNANT WOMEN!!!!*

Health 10 Card Reading, Condition of Different Organs

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