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Personal and Home Energy protection TIPS


In between energy cleaning sessions, when a person is in a vulnerable and emotional state, they need some additional protections. Reasons why you attract more negative energies or absorb a lot of negative energies, or entities try to feed on you, could be completely different. This is not a fix of your problems (especially if you have underlying issues like negative spell work or no protection from Higher Power), this is an additional way to help minimalize risks. This is a PDF file of 4 pages to give you a few tips of things that I personally use to protect the energy of my home and my own personal energy. There are no promises or guarantees, only a chance to minimalize the risk.

There are:

✸General Info

✸Personal energy protection  -  4 tips

✸Home energy protection - 1 tip

✸Additional home energy cleanse - 1 tip



Personal and Home Energy protection TIPS

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