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I work full time + have many side activities + busy life. My processing time for all services has changed.

BEFORE YOU PURCHASE THIS - YOU MUST CONTACT ME FIRST and ask about when I could make this order at earliest possible if you purchase rush my order. Purchasing this, doesn't guarantee that I can make your reading within 24H especially if it is a big/serious reading, but it promises that I will prioritize your order above other readings and other activities. Sometimes I am very busy and sometimes less busy, therefore contact me to ask when I could make a specific reading (PDF's are longer) with Rush My Order. If my answer satisfies you, then go ahead and order. IF not, then you either do not purchase a reading from me at all or wait a standard waiting time.


Because some readings are super huge there are different prices.

There are 2 OPTIONS:

★READING/LISTING/OPTION price is equal or below 40 euro

★READING/LISTING/OPTION price is above 40 euro

IMPORTANT: if in one order you have multiple listings, you need to specify which order you want to rush, because this applies to 1 listing only and not to multiple listings!!!!

If you have any problems please contact me directly.

* This is for entertainment purposes only. Please no death questions, lottery or questions about the medical treatments and pregnancies. I DO NOT READ FOR PREGNANT WOMEN!!!!*

RUSH MY ORDER - Read a Description Before the Purchase

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