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I specialize on karma and I offer a number of things to help you work on your karmic debts. But each karmic service I offer has a specific function; therefore, it is very important that you understand what you can get from what and what steps and in what order need to be taken.

  1. Offline Spiritual Courses – specifically Course 1 is the primary course about Karma and has a very general info on how to recognize karmic patterns and how to work on them. This should be considered as the first step.

  2. Offline Spiritual Courses – Course 4 is the 2nd course on Karmic topics and complementary course to Course 1. This course cannot be listened to without listening to Course 1 first as I touch many aspects from there. For this course I chose the most common karmic issues and explain how they could be worked on in a very general way. There is no personalized info there.

  3. If you truly are serious on working out your karmic aspects then you will definitely need both karmic readings: Karma reading (refers to personal karma) and Ancestral line Reading (refers to family karma). Without both readings done, we won’t have the whole picture. You can make these readings together as well as you can go for them separately as one thing at the time, but the real scope of work will be clear only after both readings. Both readings are not really of a prediction type. Both readings are pretty ugly as they specifically pinpoint all problematic areas that need to be worked on asap for this specific moment (in the future it could be different especially is you worked some things out). These pinpointed issues are only important now. So you need to be emotionally and mentally prepared to hear a lot of negative things, because it is created for that.

  4. Skype spiritual coaching sessions – this s a video call where we could work together on your life problems as well as we could work on your karmic readings and I will be giving you pointers on how to work on them. This is a good option for people who struggle to work karmic aspects on them own or don’t know where to start. It will be a very serious work on your own for you, but I will be giving you directions and some ideas.

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